Real Madrid anthem

The Real Madrid Anthem in English
Sports glories
that abound in Spain
will the Madrid with its flag
clean and white does not detract

pure and generous Club ,
every nerve and heart,
veterans and newcomers ,
veterans and newcomers ,
Always look your laurels
with respect and emotion

!,Hala Madrid Hala Madrid !
Noble and warlike champion ,
gentleman of honor.
!,Hala Madrid Hala Madrid !
A win fair and square ,
defending your color

Hala Madrid Hala Madrid !, !, Hala Madrid !
Enemy in the war,
when he loses shakes hands
without envy or resentment ,
as good and faithful brother


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    • Solar

      February 27, 2016

      What a sweet anthem this is. I love this, sportsman gist pls continue to keep us updated.


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