Dani Alves tells Neymar the right thing to do

Dani Alves tells Neymar the right thing to do

Latest Sports News: PSG defender Dani Alves has hinted his international teammate Neymar da Silva on the right Decision to take

Dani Alves has taken out time to guide his former Barcelona teammate Neymar to making the right decision regarding his future at Barcelona. Latest Sports News reports…

Dani Alves said: “I speak with Neymar every day, but not always about football. I try to keep Neymar calm because in these times when you listen to people from all over you can go crazy”

“I told Neymar one thing, which is to be brave, as this world is for the brave. Decisions are for the brave and I am the bravest, deciding to leave Barcelona and Juventus”

“I just want my friend Neymar to be happy wherever he is, although if that is here then that’s obviously better”

Latest Sports News

Latest Sports News: Dani Alves advises Neymar

“I hope Neymar signing for PSG happens, but I don’t have anything to do with his decision”

“Joining PSG is an important decision for Neymar and these are the types of decisions that men must make”

“I helped Neymar to come to Barcelona. I didn’t make decision for him, but I told him what there was in Barca & he decided to come.”

“Neymar is one of my best friends and I always want my friends by my side, but I can’t interfere in his decision”


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