Louis Van Gaal Blasts Journalist

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Louis van Gaal, out of fury and frustration struck a journalist  by calling the journalist “fat man” on Tuesday’s post match conference at Newcastle.

 ‘Wayne Rooney has recieved a lot of criticism this season’ the media asked,

The Struggling Manager responded in an awkward manner to the media’s criticism of Wayne Rooney, who performed in a tremendous manner in the game considering his two goals and an assist.

He cut in as the  the question was being asked  and stood up before saying:
‘We don’t speak any more about Wayne Rooney, yeah? You have criticised him, I don’t. You.’

Van Gaal then overheard a murmur  between reporters and got back  to the press room, and he said ‘You too, fat man, there,’ with his finger pointing at the journalist and saying that he also criticized  Rooney.


On Thursday The Journalist Custis spoke about a recent knee operation which had led to his increase in  weight.

He said: ‘You are right Louis I am fat. I had a knee operation four months ago that stopped me running and going to the gym.

‘That has resulted in me putting on nearly two stone.

‘But I am trying to get it all off by having a dry January and calm February and a personal trainer.

‘At least I can hold my hand up to my own failings. Shame others can’t.’

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