Gary Neville Advises Mourinho on Luke Shaw Situation

Gary Neville Advises Mourinho on Luke Shaw Situation

Sports Gist: Gary Neville Advises Mourinho on how to save Luke Shaw Situation

Sports Gist: Gary Neville gives Mourinho tips on how to treat Luke Shaw

‘The harshest possible comments that could can probably have levelled against you is that you don’t train hard enough, and Jose has levelled that at Luke,’ Neville told Sky Sports News.

‘I’ve worked with Luke with two or three years with England, this is a sensational talent, who’s got many years in front of him.

‘He’s had injury problems, which I think are his biggest problem – the idea of being out quite a lot.

‘I hope that those words are taken… he’s said some harsh things about a few players this season at times, not just Shaw, and others have responded.

‘Mkhitaryan, earlier on this season, people wondered how he was being treated. Smalling had some words against him, Martial as well.

‘He’s got to respond, this is it now. He’s at Manchester United, he;s got to make it work, you don;t want to leave that club, he;’s a big signing, great talent, don’t have regrets at the end of your career is what I would say.

‘Ultimately, at this moment in time, it’s how Luke Shaw takes those harsh words on. Does he think ‘that’s it, that’s the end for me?’ or does he think ‘well, I’ll show you’. I hope it’s the latter.

‘I hope he feels as though: ‘I’m going to get this right, I’m going to prove this man wrong’.

Sports Gist: Gary Neville and Luke Shaw

Sports Gist: Gary Neville and Luke Shaw

‘I do believe him in as a talent, and a player, I’ve seen him first hand, you saw him at Southampton, he was a sensational left-back.

‘He’s got it to do now because the manager is really throwing the gauntlet down to him saying look, you need to improve.

‘I’ve seen him in big England games, where temperament I don’t think is the problem. Temperament isn’t the problem in terms of him bottling it on the stage, he’s played for England where I’ve seen he’s been absolutely fantastic in front of 85,00 people, and that’s an intimidating situation for any young player, the media attention,the scrutiny that’s involved with England, he can cope with that.

‘I think, ultimately, fitness has been his biggest problem in terms of injury and getting back fit to the levels he’s at.

‘He’s the type of player, he’s not just on his own, he looks to me like he needs ten or fifteen games on the run to get to his real fighting weight, as it were, in terms of being to sprint forward every single minute of the game. He very rarely gets that sort of consistency, and that is his biggest issue.

‘Lots of talk about his lifestyle, but I saw him with England, I didn’t see a problem with that with him, personally. I saw him train quite well, I saw him work hard, I saw him do the right things.
‘The temperament side of things, we’ve seen he can cope with big games, he was playing well for United last year under Louis van Gaal, remember. It’s not as if he hasn’t played well since he’s been there.

‘I don’t know what Jose’s tactic is, in terms of why he would go so harsh. Obviously he’s saying: ‘come on, this is it, you’ve got to go for it, or you’ve not no chance at this club’.

‘Jose’s a demanding manager, he does want players who are mentally tough, who are physically tough, who he can depend upon.

‘You think about Jose’s title-winning teams where he’s always had settled back fours, he needs his back four to be there.

‘Luke Shaw hasn’t been there for him enough from an injury point of view, neither has Phil Jones, neither has Smalling, neither has Bailly, neither has Rojo, they’ve all had injuries. He [Mourinho] needs consistency.

‘I’m hoping from afar that Luke, knowing him and working for him, can get back to his best, because he can play for Manchester United in terms of talent, there’s no doubt about that.’


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Sports Gist: Gary Neville and Luke Shaw

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