Drone Champions League: The Latest Sports Competition

Drone Champions League: The Latest Sports Competition

Drone Racing Champion League: The Latest Sports Competition

Drone racing is a new kind of motorsport and is on the rise. With a remote control in hand and while wearing video goggles, pilots fly against each other through a multi-dimensional course – the pilot who makes it first to the finish gate wins.

During the race, the challenge is to master a course with your own quadrocopter, which offers chicanes from different natural and artificial obstacles. The goal is to finish first. Drone racing is possible in different formats:

In Time Trial races, the pilots are alone on the track. Only at the end of the racing, are the race times compared between the pilots. Drag races are more action-packed, with two or more drones on the track. The aim is to be the first to complete the 100-metre-long course. In Rotocross, several drones fly through the track, which is also used in time races. Here, too, the pilot whose drone is first to reach the finish wins.

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Anyone can enter the world of drone racing and become a champion. Age, gender, and background are irrelevant. Due to the low prices for drones as compared to other racing disciplines, the entry barrier is also quite low. DCL pilots come from all over the world, including Asia, North & South America, Australia, and Europe and have already gained experience in many races. In addition to many exciting possibilities, there will be high prize money at the events.

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We’ve redesigned our racing format to better serve fans, pilots and teams – more excitement, more presence, more strategy and more energy. Qualification races consist of time trials in which the overall result of a team decides where it will be placed in the final rounds. In each of the final rounds, two teams of four pilots compete against each other in 5 runs. Runs 1-4 are called “single heats” because each run is 1 against 1. The winner of each “single heat” earns 1 point for his team.


Heat 5, or the “big heat”, is 4 vs. 4, where all 8 team pilots fly. The winning team receives 1 point, a bonus of 3 points is rewarded if 3 pilots of the same team finish in the first 3 positions and a bonus of 5 points is rewarded if 4 pilots from the same team finish in the first 4 positions. Each pilot from each team starts in a “single heat” (a total of 4 individual competitions) and the final is a “big heat”. The team with the most points after 5 runs advances to the next round or wins the Drone Prix if it’s the final round.

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