Explosion in Rio 2016 Olympics Games

According to Sky Sports News.            Team GB’s Chris Froome is targeting gold in the event, but no riders were nearby when the explosion was detonated on Copacabana beach, not far from where the gold medal winner will cross the line.

Sky Sports News HQ‘s Orla Chennaoui was at the scene of the controlled blast and suggested that security forces were maintaining a vigilant approach at the Games.

She told Sky Sports News HQ: “We saw one fully suited bomb disposal expert there, coming out of the scene, wondering around fairly relaxed at the stage. That leads us to believe it was a controlled explosion.

“He then took off his protective suit and was given a bit of a slap on the back by a colleague, presumably for a job well done. We were positioned just 50 metres away at the time and heard the loud bang.

“I have to say there wasn’t too much of a panic at the time and you can see that the military and the security personnel weren’t too panicked at the time either, which leads us to believe they had been fully alerted about possibly a suspect package.

“It shows the level of tension here in Rio and the high alert the security forces are on here.

“They are aware this is a high-profile event and a high-profile location. We hope this is the end of the situation.”

The controlled explosion came on the same day that a bullet struck the media centre at the Olympic Equestrian venue, fuelling fresh security fears at the Games.

Reports suggested that a bullet narrowly missed a New Zealand team official who was badly shaken by the incident.

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