WWE: 9 Superstars who have Won the Four Major Titles in wwe

WWE: 9 Superstars who have Won the Four Major Titles in wwe

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Winning one title is impressive. Winning two, even more so. Three? But winning the four major, active titles in WWE is a feat so rarified that only a handful of Superstars have managed to pull it off.


Understatement was never really Edge’s bag. The Rated-R Superstar relished excess like a vampiric grappler relishes blood. That penchant for pushing himself beyond limits goes a long way in explaining the WWE Hall of Famer’s inclusion as one of only seven Grand Slam winners.

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WWE Superstars

Big Show

Big Show is one of the rare cases in Grand Slam winner history to win the WWE Championship first in his pursuit to acquire all of WWE’s prizes.


The Miz

This is the true story of how a kid from Parma, Ohio, defied every obstacle placed in front of him time and again to become a member of the most exclusive club in all of WWE.


Eddie Guerrero

Everyone remembers Eddie Guerrero for the kind of human being and friend he was, but Latino Heat’s work in the ring is equally demonstrative of the unique talent he brought to a WWE ring.


Daniel Bryan

For a guy who some people thought would never make a ripple in WWE, Daniel Bryan sure racked up a lot of hardware.


Kurt Angle

Some first-overall draft picks flame out, becoming an embarrassing footnote in their respective sport’s history. Kurt Angle had the sports-entertainment equivalent of blue-chip prospect hype when he joined WWE in 1999.


Chris Jericho

Believe it or not, until Jan. 9, 2017, Chris Jericho had never once been United States Champion in the entirety of his extraordinary, 20-year career.


Dean Ambrose

Given their meteoric rises, it would have been reasonable for people to expect Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins to be the first Shield alumni to capture the Grand Slam. Leave it to Dean Ambrose to flip the script at the last minute.


Roman Reigns

Not to be outdone, Reigns followed his brother-in-arms into the ranks of Grand Slam Champions only three months later.

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Latest Sports News: WWE Superstars

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